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Individual Consultations are open. All GWL consultations are offered by video-conference platforms. To learn more about these sessions, check the GWL website.

NOTE: Graduate Turnitin Consultations for discussing 'similarity reports' are scheduled through the regular Individual Consultations schedule.

Public Speaking PitchVantage sessions can be accessed through "Public Speaking PitchVantage" schedule. These sessions can help you practice oral presentations, speeches, lectures using the software.

NOTE: There will be no human assistant to navigate this application. To learn more about PitchVantage, check our website.

To learn more about other GWL programs, check here.


To get started, register for an account by clicking the link to the left. Then log in using your newly created password.

Individual Writing Consultations are open to:

  • GSAS students and scholars (degree and non-degree)
  • Yale professional school students and scholars (degree and non-degree)
  • Yale World Fellows
  • Postdoctoral scholars (only a limited number of sessions)
  • Faculty and staff (only a limited number of sessions)

The GWL does not offer consultations to:

  • Visiting Scholars NOT affiliated with GSAS or Yale Professional Schools
  • Students' and scholars' spouses or other family members
  • Employees, residents, or fellows of Yale New-Haven Hospital and Clinic Departments

Please check your department and school on how they can support you through the process.

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